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Social Development

As service professionals, our work is based on partnerships principles. In a relatively short period, we have succeeded to establish a multilateral cooperation network between international funding organizations and local key players.

We endeavor to alleviate poverty, promote social integration and empower social development in our society by managing and implementing community projects. This work requires extensive and on-going consultation at all levels and sectors of the society.

Furthermore, we strive to empower communities and stimulate self-reliance by creating conditions for sustainable livelihoods and expose the opportunities.

The emphasis is on assisting the organizations and the government, both public and private sector with a special focus on rural areas, to develop and implement solutions that benefit and sustain rural people in their native lands.

SCITEK and partners from across a wide spectrum of scientific and technological fields align competencies to better understand and help maintain a balance between the three challenging pillars of sustainability - environment, society, and economy; this requires close coordination and cooperation of all stakeholders.

Our constant researches tend to combine latest techniques and best practices to provide green and cost-effective solutions, often at lower costs than conventional techniques.

SCITEK, with its unique position at the intersection of global and local communities, brought together the civil sector to find cutting-edge grassroots solutions for poverty, sustainable environment, migration and social stability.

Scitek’s domain of intervention:

  • Environmental management
  • Geotechnical management
  • Environmental information systems
  • Waste management
  • Soil and water protection
  • Air pollution control
  • Sustainable development
  • Emissions trading
  • Total water management
  • Potable water supply and sanitation
  • Surface and engineering structures
  • Traffic, transportation and civil engineering
  • Mining and mineral economics
  • Integrated infrastructure concepts
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