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CBRNE Control & Management

SCITEK offers integrated solutions for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Detection and Response, ranging from a Hazardous Materialreleases to the use of a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD).

SCITEK’s CBRN product line is a comprehensive collection of CBRN detection systems and Decontamination equipment such as:

  • Mobile Mass Spectrometers
  • Ion Mobility Spectrometers
  • Ruggedized Spectrometers
  • Biological Aerosol Detectors
  • Sampling Devices
  • Safety & Security Radiation Detectors
  • Decontamination equipment
  • Gas Masks & Protective clothing
  • Etc...

The new Bruker DE-tector is the latest innovation in trace narcotics and explosives detection.
Overview of DE-tector:

  • IMS system for D & E
  • Non-Radioactive Source
  • Desktop solution
  • Portable; mains power only
  • Integrated computer
  • Built in printer

Hand- Held Trace Detection: The Bruker RoadRunner RoadRunner™ Features:

  • Bench-top sensitivity in a hand-held device
  • Lightweight (7.7 lbs [3.5 kg]), battery-operated
  • Swab and direct vapour sampling of explosives and narcotics
  • Non-radioactive High Energy Photo Ionization source
  • CHIRP-IMS™ technology and continuous automatic calibration for best performance

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