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Radiation Dosimetry

In facilities where workers are exposed to radiation, the international regulations require that they wear a radiation dosimeter. These dosimeters ensure that the radiation exposure dose is kept below the legal limits and allows the application of the principle of as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA).

Scitek offers:
A continuous Dosimetry / Radiation monitoring service to measure:

  • The individual dose.
  • Environmental radiation monitoring.
  • Area monitoring.

Technology is based on OSL technology - In Light dosimeter.

Various Uses

  • Studies and environmental dose monitoring (risk assessment and equipment control).
  • Clinical dose measurement on patients or phantoms.
  • Radiological emergency.
  • Industrial radiography, including underwater radiography.
  • Density measurements (controlling density and consistency of drilling mud).
  • Portable gauging equipment.
  • Well-logging (Send measurement signals while drilling is still in progress, to monitor other techniques used to stimulate oil & gas flow).
  • Radio-tracers.

Radiation Dosimetry Services

What advantages do countries get from Radiation Dosimetry Services?
  • Increased confidence that your institution belongs to the standard of excellence in patient safety and radiation medicine.
  • Assessment of the External exposure of penetrating radiation such as radiotracers, radiation generators or machines…
  • Assessment of the Internal exposure of ingested/inhaled radiation such as noble gas radon.

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