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Radon Measurement and Dosimetry

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Radon Measurement and Dosimetry

Measurement of Radon in workplaces and premises with Radon detectors

 Radon is a radioactive gas, we can’t see, smell or taste it: you need special equipment to detect it. The radon level in the air outside is very low but can be higher inside buildings. Employers are required, as far as reasonably practicable, to ensure the health and safety of employees and other people who have access to their work environment.

 Radon should be identified as a hazard if the workplace has one or more of the following circumstances:

  • The building is in a radon affected area,
  • The building has a basement area that is occupied for more than 50 hours each year,
  • The company operates or is responsible for any underground environments,
  • The business involves a suspected radon source such as ground water (e.g. treatment works) or stored geological sample.


We have several types of radon detectors for different applications. We measure radon in homes, workplaces, schools, mines and wherever radon gas poses a health threat.



Radon Dosimetry

Radon gas exposure is causing lung cancer to workers around the world. Radon levels vary a lot with location and type of work. It is therefore recommended to use radon dosimetry to monitor all workers. The radon dosimeters are normally used for the measurement of recordable effective dose (dose history) from exposure to radon, but we can also offer measurement of its decay products.

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